Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birthday Party Bliss

Well, I did officially survive Paige's 5th birthday party. She had 11 friends over which made a total of 13 little people running around my house. Thank goodness for my extra family room! Due to "winter weather" we had to play "tape" the tail on the donkey and whack open our pinata in the middle of my living room. Only one minor casualty in the form of a little boy's nose and the corner of my wall colliding. It stopped bleeding in time for the festivities! All in all I think she had a good day.

I, however, was still forcing coffee down due to the fact that Paige's 2nd tooth fell out at 3am the morning of the party. No big deal right? Get up, tell her how adorable she is, laugh because "mom, it makes me talk funny without my tooth", all while barely openning both eyes. I've now got her back in bed about to leave her room when, "I can't wait to see what the tooth fairy brings me!" Are you kidding me? I went to bed with the beginning of a nasty cold and horrible sinus headache, I am barely coherant at this point in the night and now I've got to figure this tooth fairy business out.

Well, no worries because it is at this time my blessed little Mason decides to get up. Oh, did I mention that he fell asleep at 4:30pm and protested when I tried to wake him up for dinner. Yes, that is right. My son is now done sleeping at 3am. After getting him some milk and crackers to tide him over until "real morning", I head back to bed only to see this little angel about every 15 minutes until 6am. Fortunately Paige has long since fallen asleep. At about 4:30 after reassuring Mason that it is indeed still dark and therefore NOT morning, I remembered my very important fairy task. After leaving a small monetary gift beside my sleeping beauty I went to bed feeling pretty good about my job well done. That is until I remembered that I had 21 people coming over at 10am for a party.

I suppose this is the life of a parent with small children. And I can truly say I love it all. My baby girl is only 5 once. She's got the cutest toothless grin you've ever seen. And although he keeps me from my beauty sleep at times, my son is so sweet. One day he won't need my to keep him company in the wee hours of the morning. So I'll try to enjoy it while it lasts.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Crazy Chicken!

I have the most unusual chicken. Well, let me back up because she wasn't always so unusual. A couple of years ago, my husband got this great idea to raise some chickens. You know it will give the kids some responsibility and provide us with some very fresh, organic eggs. Well, we bought six little chicks. All was going so well until the kids (and some friends) chased one of the chickens through the fence into our neighbor's yard. I know that sounds harmless, but I need to mention that the neighbor owns 3 labs. So then there were 5! As time went on, we decided that we should get rid of the two chickens that enjoyed chasing the kids around and biting their little fingers. Doc and Jackie became a fellow fireman's soup.

It is important at this point in the story to tell you that Paige really connected with one chicken in particular, Hilda. She loved on this chicken daily. She carried it around, sat with it in her chair outside, she even brought it inside to enjoy some dry cereal and a private viewing of Finding Nemo (she soon learned that this won't be happening again). We were pretty protective of Hilda, because the remaining chickens Maria and Jenny were bigger and not so kind to her. Well...

A few months ago I was changing out door handles on my bedroom door and witnessed the neighbor dog dining on our precious little chicken family. I would like to boast of my boot throwing abilities. It was pitch dark and I hit this dog with each boot that I threw! I know, I was shocked too, he was quite a ways away. Needless to say our neighbor now has some meat put away for the winter. Much to our dismay, Hilda was among the casualties. After consoling a devistated "little chicken farmer" with the prospect of being able to pick out her own new chick next spring, we wondered what to do with our last very unfriendly chicken.

It is amazing how loneliness will humble the soul...of a chicken. Maria quickly adopted us as her family, including our dog. She truly believes she is one of us. If you leave the door open, she struts in like she owns the place...that is until I have words with her and out she goes. She tried desperately to get through my kitchen window the other night while I was cooking. Really, she made several attempts. She also pecks at the door while we're hanging out inside. I can hear her little brain, "Come on guys, I know you just forgot I was out here. Please let me in." She has made an 8ft ladder in the shop her new home (during the remodel the chickens lost their home). She also for the first time in almost a year decied to start laying eggs again. What exactly do we do with eggs laid from the top of an 8ft ladder? Exactly, we sweep them up! She has turned into the most unique little pet we have owned. Crazy chicken!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Discontent...who me?

Do you ever feel discontent with your life? I have to be honest and admit that a couple of months ago I dwelt in "discontent-land". Its funny how a great life with more than my share of blessings suddenly turns to furstrations and disillusionment. How does this happen? Well, if you asked me a couple of months ago I'd have told you it was because my husband wasn't being attentive, my children were being too needy and my house project was taking too long. Naturally this combination would lead to great dissatisfaction with my life!

And then it dawns on me, I have two of the most precious children on the face of the planet. They deserve a mother that will inspire them, a mother whose patience will help guide them, a mother who can see past the little "frustrations" and embrace the life God has given her, a mother who's children never doubt her affection for them.

And while I'm travelling down that road...I have an amazing husband. Perfect, no. Wonderful nontheless, yes. I then begin to think, what kind of wife does he deserve? He deserves a wife who inspires him to greatness, who recognizes his potential and encourages him, a wife who smiles when he walks in the door, and of course a wife who shaves her legs and puts of his favorite lotion, wink, wink.

So after I ponder the wife and mother that I was not, but hoped to be, I asked God what my problem was. And then he gave me eyes to see: my husband has been working tirelessly to finish our house addition and deck. God said, "maybe you could serve him instead of complaining that he's too tired to meet all your needs." My children are 3 and almost 5 and they love me. They want me to play with them all day. God said, "do you remember 3 years ago having two babies, you think your children are needy now, have you forgotten how far they come? You are their world today, but you won't always be. Sit and play a 6th game of Sequence, the dishes will still be there when you're done."

It's funny after God talks to you, how clearly you see your circumstances. I am a blessed woman. I sought forgiveness and high tailed it out of discontent-land. In case you were planning to stop there on your journey, take it from me, it's a dead end, stop at Starbucks instead!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Entering the world of the bloggers!

It's true I sit and read blogs from various people and enjoy getting a glimpse into their lives. I never comment or leave a trace that I was ever there, primarily because I haven't taken the time to figure out how! I have been enlightened, challenged and brought to tears in laughter sneaking peaks into my friends lives, so I thought I'd start my own. Life is full of too many precious moments not to share them! Especially when you have young children like I do. Isn't it amazing how much a five year old can teach an adult. Kind of scares me sometimes! Once I figure out really how to do this "blogging stuff" I'll be back with more!